About Us

About Us

Flowers for the world

GUTIMILKO C.I is a family-owned company with more than 20 years of experience in the Flower Industry. We do the whole flower process from planting, harvesting, post harvesting, and distribution to our customers all around the world.


Our goal is to touch people´s hearts when receiving our flowers, giving them a moment of joy, peace, serenity and happiness. We want to see our flowers turned into art and creating stories with love and passion.

We are located in Colombia, 20 kilometers from the International Airport of Rionegro -Medellín.  Our weather conditions are ideal for the production of flowers with a height of 2,600 meters (8,530 feet) above sea level.

In GUTIMILKO, we go beyond the daily, and this is why each of our boxes is prepared with the smallest detail to be sent with flowers full of dreams, love and beauty. We believe in the splendor of our country; this is why we reflect that in every single flower we pack!

Our responsibility and motivation are to be present all over the world, sharing what we are and what we do, so every day we begin our work with passion, love, and responsibility to make each flower an expression of art and feelings. We want to convert those little moments into unforgettable stories, stories expressing art with our flowers.